Malibik-libik Falls

Bailen, Cavite, Philippines

The most popular destination in Bailen, Malibik-libik Falls is distinctive for its rock formations. The waterfall itself is only about two meters high, but rock formations surrounding it stand at around 10 meters. Coming from the rivers of Alfonso, Bailen's neighboring town, the water drops to a large pool about 20 meters deep before flowing to Malibik-libik River. Tourists may swim in the pool but are strongly advised to stay in the shallow portions. There's a strong undertow as the water gets deeper. The river, about a meter deep in some parts, also has a powerful current. Getting to Malibik-libik Falls entails 30 minutes of trekking and clambering on moss-covered boulders. The nearby Putikan River, a 20-minute trek from Malibik-libik, has much calmer waters and is great for boating and kayaking (bring your own gear). It also supports an abundant population of freshwater fish like carp and tilapia.

Address: Brgy. Lumipa Bailen , Cavite , Philippines

Hours: Everyday, open 24 hours.

Budget: Free

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Bailen, Cavite, Philippines