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Battery Way in Corregidor Island | Things to do

253  •  Cavite City, Cavite  •  Get direction

Battery Way is armed with four 12-inch mortar carriages capable of firing highly explosive shells as far as 8.3 miles or 13.35 km in any direction. Each mortar required a crew of at least 14 men to load and fire the shells. The mortars could be lifted to a trajectory between 45 to 70 degrees, which made them ideal for targeting enemies entrenched in higher ground in Bataan. The battery was named after Second Lt. Henry Way of the 4th U.S. Artillery, who died in service in the Philippines in 1900.

Address: Corregidor Island, Cavite City, Cavite

Business hours: 7:30am daily, Manila-Corregidor Ferry; 2:30pm daily, Corregidor-Manila Ferry.

Entrance fee: P2,350