Casa Hacienda de Naic

Naic, Cavite, Philippines

Casa Hacienda de Naic is historical for two momentous events in Philippine Revolution. In April 1897, Andres Bonifacio and his allies met here to create the Naic Military Agreement. They sought to oppose Emilio Aguinaldo's government which was initiated during the Tejeros Convention a month earlier. When Andres Bonifacio and his brother were arrested for treason, they were brought to Casa Hacienda and jailed in a small, dark room under the stairs known as the bartolina. The holding cell is still intact today and open to visitors. Casa Hacienda de Naic was converted into an elementary school in 1922.

Address: Brgy. Poblacion Naic , Cavite , Philippines

Hours: Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm; open on holidays.

Budget: Free

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Naic, Cavite, Philippines