VIDEO:  Survivor-themed team-building activity of 39 volunteers who participated in the documentation of the 47 municipalities and cities* of Pangasinan. *Dagupan City is not yet covered.


The Volunteers Program

What is the Explora Volunteers Program?
The Volunteers Program is a specifically-designed outlet of talents featuring adventurers and travelers from all over the Philippines. As we aim to make travel around the Philippines easier, we visit the different parts of the country to document and collect firsthand information. We want to know what we're talking about, so we explore these places ourselves! This ensures that we have accurate updates to share on our website. This is also where you come in.

By joining the program, you become a part of the Explora coverage team. This means that you get to explore the Philippines with us, share your skills, and meet like-minded people! You also get to show your love for your country, or maybe view it from a completely different perspective that's unknown to you before.


Who is qualified to join?

The program is open to writers, videographers, and photographers from all over the Philippines, who are willing to volunteer their time, energy, and skills during our coverage in the different provinces of the country. The duration of a coverage may vary: it may be as short as three days, to as long as one week. Because Explora seeks to explore and experience, we want to travel with able-bodied adventurers who are ready for anything. Don't worry, we won't make you eat worms (unless you want to), but you might have to hike through virgin forests or wake up at 4am to catch a spectacular sunrise.


What are the requirements?
We only have one requirement: a collection of your best original work. Your portfolio will be your ticket to Explora. Because we want our users to see quality content, your selection will likewise depend on the quality of your works.


What kind of content are you looking for?
We accept all kinds of contributions. It could be a write-up about a hole-in-the-wall bar you and your friends have discovered, a video of your travel abroad, or a collection of photographs taken during your weekend on the beach. Of course, your submissions can feature other topics, but we give priority to travel-themed content.






So what’s in it for me? Why should I explore with

There are a lot of reasons why volunteers explore with us, but here are the best ones:


Meet like-minded people
Our team is comprised of restless wanderers and relentless artists dedicated to exploring the different parts of the country. These people make the best travel buddies because of their zest for exploration, and their eagerness to share. Make the most of your time with them! Trade stories, pick their brains, and enrich your mind. They can also arm you with knowledge that goes beyond classroom instruction.

Build your professional portfolio
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student still learning the ropes, traveling with Explora gives you a unique experience, which will greatly contribute to the improvement of your portfolio. Exploring with talented individuals, especially locals from the province, can also give you insight to how your skills or your chosen field can help elevate Philippine tourism. They can also arm you with knowledge that goes beyond classroom instruction.
Recognition for all your hardwork and effort
All those endless nights editing, post-processing, and proofreading has finally come to fruition; your work will not only be published, but also featured on our social media platforms for you and your loved ones to share.
Travel for free
Being part of Explora means you get to travel with us when we visit a province. Because you are volunteering your time, skill, and energy--we give you an enriching experience in return, without charging you any amount! With the support of our partners, we are able to provide you free transportation, accommodations, and meals during the trip. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing, taking photos, or shooting videos while traveling for free—then this is for you.
Be an ambassador of the Philippines
Chances are, you already love your hometown because that’s the place of your childhood. But how about gaining appreciation for other parts of the Philippines? Visiting uncharted territory opens your mind to new cultures and introduces you to people you otherwise would not meet. This is the Explora experience, and it will most likely make a tourism ambassador out of you. After all, the Philippines is a naturally rich and beautiful country. It's about time more people know about it.


Be a Volunteer Explorer