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The capital city of Cavite, Imus is home to Our Lady of the Pillar Church. Built in 1823 designed after what is said to be the fifth reincarnation of Manila Cathedral, it is a beautiful earthquake baroque structure that still stands to this day. 

Currently the seat of the Diocese of Imus, which governs all Catholic parishes in Cavite, it is a parish under the patronage of two, the Our Lady of The Pillar and Saint John the Baptist


Our Lady of the Pillar Church


Our Lady of the Pillar Church altar

The Battle of Imus monument commemorates what was the first major win of the Philippine revolution against the colonial government in 1896. Meanwhile, the Battle of Alapan fought on May 28 that year was the first military victory of Emilio Aguinaldo after his return from Hong Kong. 

The Philippine flag was also unfurled for the first time, making the day the Flag Day. Today, the Shrine of the National Flag stands on the site. 


The Battle of Imus monument

To mark the significance of Imus in Philippine history, a couple of nondescript plaques tell its story in the City of Imus Plaza, nearby the cathedral. There also historical markers on the Battles of Imus and of Alapan, among others, that tell of important victories of Filipino revolutionaries against Spanish forces.


 City of Imus Plaza

Meanwhile, a fortress-like structure marks the Arsenal ng Imus, which was once a metal foundry. Now called the Imus Historical Museum, it was once the workshop operated by Ignacio Paua, a blacksmith who made and repaired guns and cannons for the revolutionaries. 

Today, the museum combines creativity and modern technology to retell history. Here we find life-sized figures set in a series of moving tableaus that relive historical scenes, each set in motion with the hidden sensors. Murals and relief sculptures of key figures in the Cavite revolution, accompanied by historical information and trivia make the entire experience more in-depth.


Imus Historical Museum


Mural depicting the Revolution

Parks and Recreation

Casa Verde Hotel and Events Center is a no-fuss hotel and events center with an airy restaurant, a business center, and meeting facilities. Meanwhile, Moon River River and O Resort are great options for budget-friendly getaways.


Casa Verde Hotel and Events Center 

Festivals and Celebrations

Wagayway Festival is celebrated every May 28 to commemorate the Battle of Alapan that also marks the waving (wagayway) of the Filipino flag.

Paskuhan sa Imus that translates to Christmas in Imus, is a month-long celebration that includes carnival and trade fairs, fireworks display, musical concerts, beauty contests, a lantern parade, and lantern-making contest.


Wagayway Festival 

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