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Best of the Philippines: Cavite’s Book on History, Culture, and Food Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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Cover of 'Cavite' coffee table book


Cavite is considered to be one of the pillars that made the Philippines what it is today. Its impressive history, rich culture, and cuisine is the accumulation of centuries worth of events that shaped Cavite and with it, the whole country.

Today, Cavite is on the fast lane to becoming a major tourist destination. Its coastal area is blessed with seafood, and the ingenuity of the people there transformed shellfish into a livelihood.


Bacoor page

The midlands of Cavite safekeep the history of the First Republic of the Philippines. Here lies the seven-story house of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, churches, and heritage houses interconnected with secret tunnels and passageways.


Trece Martires page

A weekend getaway, that’s what the highlands is all about. Enveloped with fog and chilly temperature, with eco-farms and zoo an arm’s length away from each other, this part of Cavite is quickly becoming the tourist go-to.


Tagaytay page

About the Cavite Coffee Table Book

Every year, the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) and Department of Tourism (DOT) hosts the ATOP-DOT Pearl Awards. 

The Best Tourism Practices Awards or Pearl Awards was born in 2005 during the 6th ATOP National Convention held in Bacolod City. The award was created to give recognition to all the efforts of Local Government Units in promoting tourism in their provinces.


ATOP-DOT Pearl Awards with Cavite Government officials with Provincial Tourism Officer, Elinia Imelda Rozelle S. Sangalang and Bacoor City Mayor, Lani Mercado


ATOP-DOT Pearl Awards with Cavite Government officials with  Bacoor City Mayor, Lani Mercado

Through Cavite's commitment to promoting its tourism and culture, an award-winning book was born. The Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, through the leadership of Elinia Imelda Rozelle S. Sangalang, worked with Explora.ph to conceptualize and publish their coffee table book. 

The efforts of Cavite has proved to be fruitful as their coffee table book won the Best Tourism Promotions (Collaterals) at the 20th ATOP National Convention held in Ilocos Norte. 


The Cavite Coffee Table Book and brochure


Maragondon page

“Cavite”, the coffee table book project of the Provincial Government of Cavite was created to immortalize the glorious and patriotic past of the birthplace of the Philippine Republic. 

The book was made to showcase the rolling highlands, cozy midlands, and the rich coast of the province. Lastly, it was a homage to Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo on his 150th birth anniversary.


Kawit Page

The Brochures

Apart from the book, the province of Cavite extended its efforts in promoting its tourism with printed brochures. Because the book will not be sold commercially, they wanted to reach more people and more travelers. Thus, the Cavite brochure was born.

Two municipalities of Cavite also launched their own brochures—Bacoor highlighted the pride and joy of being the Marching Band Capital of the Philippines, while Maragondon showcased their heritage houses and gorgeous nature attractions. 


General Mariano Alvarez page 

Made with love by Explora

The Cavite Coffee Table Book and brochures were specifically made to showcase the beauty of Cavite. All the core information that one should know is included in the book and brochures—from the attractions, accommodations, directions, festivals, to the fun map.

Trece Martires page

The fun map is Explora’s way of showing love. Painstakingly designed and executed to capture the best features of Cavite. The illustrations on the maps are drawn one by one by the artists of Explora. 

In addition, the texts and content included in the collaterals are thoroughly researched and verified by the local tourism officers with the help of Guillermo ‘Ige’ Ramos. Ige is a famed writer, book designer, and tourist guide on a mission to promote Cavite through its cuisine.



Inside the Cavite brochure with the fun map.


Maragondon fun map


The Cavite Coffee Table Book was written by Karla Rey and the photographs are by Stanley Ong, Guillermo ‘Ige’ Ramos, JR Felipe, Joseph Abello, Christorey Vercide, Ruby Vercide, Mond Sakiwat, Naic Cavite Online, Kris de Jesus, Joan Urminita, Marielle Gonzales, Cavite Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, and City and Municipal Tourism Office.

Special thanks to Hon. Victor C. Remulla (Governor of Cavite), Hon. Ramon Jolo B. Revilla III (Vice-governor of Cavite), Elinia Imelda Rozelle S. Sangalang (Provincial Tourism Officer) and her staff led by Karen de Lara, Ms. Marites T. Castro (OIC- Regional Director, DOT Region IV-A),the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), and the Municipal Mayors and Tourism Officers of Cavite for their commitment to this project.

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