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The Marching Band Capital of the Philippines: Bacoor’s Tourism Brochure Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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About Bacoor

Bacoor is the next-door neighbor of Metro Manila. Located in the coastal area of Cavite, the city is blessed with a bountiful harvest of seafood. 

It is rapidly transforming into an urbanized city, with it are the threats of losing value to the heritage sites and historical landmarks within their area. But, as Bacoor soar through urbanization, they brought all their history, culture, and innovation with them, making the city a mix of heritage and modern.


The Bacoor Brochure

The brochure celebrates the vivacious and vibrant traditions of Bacoor. Clad in red, the brochure highlights Bacoor as the Marching Band Capital of the Philippines, the place of iconic foods, and the location of historical markers.


As the brochure unfolds, the different attractions of Bacoor are presented, the most notables are the Bacoor Church, or the St. Michael the Archangel Church, the Zapote Bridge, and the Bahay na Tisa.


Bacoor is also a great place to have a gastronomic adventure. From the famous Digman Halo-halo and quirky and innovative foods such as Tahong Chips and Tahongganisa to the more traditional delicacies like puto lansong and Ube Halaya, this city aims to satisfy everyone’s palate.


The fun map is also included in the brochure. Fun maps became the stamp of love for Explora because these maps are designed to be playful and to spark child-like giddiness among the readers. Meticulously made and conceptualize to mirror the real maps with a fun twist on it. 


Made with love by Explora

All the core information that one should know is included in the brochure, from the attractions, accommodations, directions, festivals, to the fun map

The fun map is Explora’s way of showing love. Painstakingly designed and executed to capture the best features of Bacoor. 

The illustrations on the maps are drawn one by one by the artists in Explora. In addition, the texts and content included in the collaterals are thoroughly researched and verified by the city tourism office of Bacoor led by Edwin Guinto.


As always, this brochure, like any other project by Explora, is made with pure love. It is designed to highlight Bacoor and let its history and culture come alive on the paper

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